Before you make a reservation you should read these Terms and Conditions carefully. These conditions apply to all bookings made directly with the company Pajala Huskies. The person making the booking accepts these terms and conditions on behalf of each member of the party.

Pajala Huskies will hereafter be referred as we or Pajala Huskies.

1. Booking

Pajala Huskies will confirm the booking via email or whatsup. We also accept last-minute reservations and bookings via phone calls. 
You should carefully check the details of your confirmation and contact Pajala Huskies if anything is incorrect or incomplete. We can not accept responsibility for inaccurate information that you have supplied.

The booking confirmation is a contract between Pajala Huskies and the person who makes the booking.

2. Payment

For each booking, we charge a booking fee, which constitutes 30% of the total activity cost for your group and must be paid in advance (by PayPal or Bank transfer) to confirm your booking. This amount is non-refundable if the guest cancels, for any reason. Reimbursement of the booking fee only occurs if the safari company cancels the booking. Please ensure that the booking fee is paid by the specified date on the invoice to avoid cancellation and potential loss of your booking confirmation. Therefore, maintain close communication throughout the booking process until you receive a confirmed booking confirmation.
At Pajala Huskies, the remaining balance of the booking can be paid with card or cash on site.

3. Prices

All prices are listed in SEK and include tax (VAT). An approximate price in EUR may be provided on our website to offer customers insight into the equivalent value in another currency. However, it is the customer's responsibility to verify the current exchange rate at the time of payment. We adhere to the Swedish exchange rate and apply charges based on the exchange rate applicable on the day of payment for the booking fee, as well as on the date of payment for the remaining balance on-site

4. Cancellation

A cancellation can be made on 3 difrent ways, by sending an email to pajalahuskies@gmail.com, via WhatsApp, or by phone call.
Please use the contact method you have previously used to reach and book your tour at Pajala Huskies for the best communication. Additionally, cancellations need to be confirmed by Pajala Huskies to be considered valid.

Because we are a small family company and work with small, private groups, cancellations really hurt us.

We kindly ask our booked guests to promptly contact us if they are unable to proceed with their reservation. As a small family business, it significantly impacts us when booked guests fail to show up.

Therefore, we encourage our booked guests to reach out to us directly, allowing us the opportunity to possibly reschedule for another time and date.

Thank you for respecting our booking fee and cancellation policy.

5. Cancellations and changes made by Pajala Huskies

If Pajala Huskies needs to change the price or make a significant change to the tour that you booked with us, we will inform you as soon as possible. In that case you will have the full right to cancel the tour, get back your booking fee or make a new booking.

Pajala Huskies reserves the right to change the tour plan before or during the tour for safety reasons. It can be necessary to do this because of weather, temperature, snow conditions, to not disturb wildlife in the area or to adjust the tour to the level of the customer. In these cases there will be no refund.

Each group must include at least one individual who can communicate in English, Swedish, or Finnish. In the event that such an individual is not present and the guide deems that the customer does not understand safety measures or instructions, we reserve the right to cancel the tour on-site without the possibility of a refund of the booking fee.
Alternatively, if feasible, arrangements may be made to modify the tour so that customers are seated in the sled, although this adjustment is not always possible. Therefore, it is imperative that at least one member of the group can communicate in one of the aforementioned languages to serve as a translator for the rest of the group.

Pajala Huskies cannot be held liable for any expenses, costs or losses incurred by you as a result of any change or cancellation made by Pajala Huskies

6. Liability and risk 

Please be aware that the Northern region of Scandinavia is a wilderness area where risks and hazards may exist during the activities. It is important to consider your own limitations and physical fitness before booking or undertaking any activities.

Pajala Huskies tour guides reserve the right to deny customer participation in activities if their physical condition prevents them from safely participating on-site. In such cases, there will be no refund of the booking fee

It is important to inform us of any underlying medical conditions or health issues that could pose risks on the trail. This helps us tailor the activity and, if necessary, provide additional support to ensure your safety. 

Pajala Huskies has safety plans and for everyone's safety you are required to pay attention to and follow the instructions provided by the guide.

In all activities that we offer, you participate at your own risk. Pajala Huskies does not take responsibility for any loss, damage, accident, injury, sickness or any other event beyond our control. You are also fully responsible for the equipment that you use during the activity. If you break, loose or damage any of our equipment, you will reimburse Pajala Huskies for the costs to replace / repair this equipment, with a maximum of 1000 € per group, which needs to be paid directly on site.

We recommend you to have a cancellation insurance, liability insurance, comprehensive travel insurance, as well as an insurance for personal belongings and health.

7. Privacy

Your details given during the reservation will be used only for the purpose of handling the reservation.

8. Pregnancy & Children


We strongly advise against the participation of pregnant individuals in our activities, especially beyond the halfway point of pregnancy or if there have been any unusual small complications. 
Our husky trails may feature uneven terrain, and speeds can reach up to 25 km/h, and in case If the driver falls off, the sled can go even faster, increasing the potential risks associated with the activity.
If a pregnant person chooses to participate in any of Pajala Huskies activities, it is entirely at their own risk. Pajala Huskies assumes no responsibility in this regard, and those making a booking confirm that they have been informed of these risks.

It is crucial for the pregnant individual to assess their well-being and ability to partake in the activity. Nevertheless, the guide will make a final assessment on-site before the safari, taking into account weather conditions, trail conditions and an understanding of the ability to perform the activity safely.


Children aged 0-13 always ride securely in the guide's sled and are under the guide's responsibility throughout the entire tour.

  • For the 4 km Husky ride, participants of all ages are welcome, from the smallest in the family to the elderly.

  • For the 10 km Husky ride, children between 5-13 years old can participate by sitting in the guide's sled with at least one adult.
    Children over 13 years old are considered adults and can ride by sitting in the sled driven by a parent.

  • On the half-day tour, can children over 13 years old participate and they can ride with parents.

9. Sledding Duration and Distance

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to varying group sizes and weather conditions, the speed of the dog sled tour may vary. Please be aware of the following estimated durations, which can be affected by the track conditions, such as icy surfaces leading to increased speed compared to snowy conditions.

4 KM: Approximated duration of 10-15 minutes.

10 KM: Approximated duration of 25-45 minutes.

16-18 KM: Approximated duration of 1 hour - 1 hour 20 minutes.

Please Note:

Even in unforeseen circumstances on the trail that are beyond the guide's control, adjustments to the sledding time may be necessary without compensation. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility in ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants.

10. Safety in Snowmobile Activities:

Our top priority is always your safety when participating in our snowmobile activities. We encourage all participants to adhere to our safety guidelines to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience.
Similar to our husky tours, it's essential that at least one member of your group knows English, Finnish, or Swedish to participate. We reserve the right to cancel on-site if we feel that our customers don't understand the guidelines and safety rules, without the possibility of a refund of the booking fee. 

Protective Gear:

To minimize risks, we strongly advise all participants to wear appropriate protective gear, including helmets and warm clothing. This equipment is designed to provide the best possible protection in the event of accidents or unexpected incidents.

Understanding the Rules:

Before embarking on snowmobile trails, ensure you comprehend and follow our rules and safety guidelines. This includes speed limits, maintaining a safe distance from other participants, and any specific instructions from the guide.

Education and Guidance:

We provide necessary training and guidance before the commencement of your snowmobiling activity. Our guides will furnish you with information on handling the snowmobile safely and address any questions you may have.

Weather Conditions:

Be mindful that weather conditions can impact snowmobile trails. Stay updated on weather forecasts and be prepared for any potential changes in the activity schedule to ensure the safety of all participants.

Safety Checks:

Rigorous safety checks of the snowmobiles are conducted before each ride to ensure they are in good condition and ready for use. This is part of our commitment to guarantee a secure experience for everyone.

Sobriety and Drugs:

We expect all participants to be sober and free from the influence of drugs during our activities to ensure a safe and responsible experience.

Underlying Medical Conditions:

It is important to inform us of any underlying medical conditions or health issues that could pose risks on the trail. This helps us tailor the activity and, if necessary, provide additional support to ensure your safety.

Acknowledgment of Personal Responsibility:

By participating in our snowmobile activities, guests practice at their own risk. While renting snowmobiles under our guidance, guests are responsible for listening to and following our directives. In the event of damage caused by a guest crashing a snowmobile, a one-time charge of 10,000 SEK will be billed on-site.

Your commitment to safety measures and your respect for our guidelines are crucial in creating a positive and secure experience for everyone participating in our snowmobile activities. We look forward to sharing this adventurous experience with you in a safe and responsible manner.

11. Accuracy of information on this website

We try to ensure the information on this website is as accurate as possible, but it might occur that information is incorrect or out of date. All use of and action based on the information takes place at the user's own risk.

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