Welcome to our family-owned Husky kennel, where we are offering magical all year-round activities with Huskies.

We strive to create memorable experiences for our guests.
Our small team is dedicated to providing personalized service.


Experience a unique opportunity to visit our sled dogs during their well-deserved holiday. Our furry team members eagerly await your hugs and cuddles. We warmly welcome you to our home, where we'll introduce you to our cozy surroundings and provide insights into the musher's life. Discover how our dogs spend their summer rest and relaxation time.

During your visit, we offer a selection of hot or cold drinks, depending on the weather conditions. Indulge in some delicious Swedish FIKA, local sweets, while we answer any questions you may have about the life of sled dogs.

Duration: 1½ hours
Price: 450 SEK (Approximately 39€)
Children under 13 years: 250 SEK (Approximately 20€)


 Kennel visit & Sleddog walk

Embark on a memorable kennel visit combined with an exhilarating husky walk through the scenic forest. Experience the charm of our sled dog sanctuary as described above, followed by an immersive husky walk adventure together.

During the kennel visit, you'll get to know our sled dog team and learn about their lives in the sanctuary. Then, each participant will have the opportunity to take out a sleddog for a walk in the nearby forest, accompanied by our experienced guides. The walk lasts approximately 20-30 minutes, allowing you to bond with your furry companion amidst the tranquility of nature.

Children are welcome to join the walk, led by a parent, as they experience the joy of walking alongside their husky friend.

Program duration: 2 hours
Price: 550 SEK (Approximately 47€)
Children under 13 years: 250 SEK (Approximately 20€)

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